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My Dog is Not


I've decided to dedicate the home page of this website to my dog, Petey. He is a Jack Russel terrier that my family got back in 2008. He's pretty smart and affectionate, but he's also kind of a selfish troublemaker. He doesn't really care what anyone else is doing as long as he has his way. Since we got him, he constantly tries to climb onto tables, he takes any opportunity to dig through the trash, and he sleeps on top of the back couch cushions so often that they flattened out. If he gets woken up by anyone, he's angry for the next hour. None of this is to say he's a bad dog. He's still friendly when he's not in a bad mood and is the first to try and comfort people when they're upset. He's a good dog if you ignore all the problems I mentioned. Or if you've developed an insensitivity to his antics after living with him for eleven years.

This video isn't relevant to anything. I just really like and wanted to share.

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